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How to test GPIO function on Windows

Requested File Download Link below
All needed files

1.Extract all the files “Demo.7z”, “drv.7z”, “exe.7z”.

2.Please check your BIOS version whether it is most updated, if not please update the BIOS for GPIO TEST, you can refer the instruction from the link below and execute “BCX11i32.nsh” for BIOS updating.
BIOS Update Link
PS: You can press “F2” to check BIOS version when system booting up.

3.Please install windows 8.1 and all drivers. Driver download link.
Windows 8.1 32bit Drivers
or Windows 10 driver
Windows 10 32bit Drivers

4.Move to the “Device Manager” then right click the “unknown device” to install the driver “I2C TCA9555 Driver” from the file folder “drv”.

5.Open the cmd in windows.

6.Move to the file folder “exe” and execute the file “blink.exe” or “test.exe” for test GPIO.

7.You can refer the source code from the file folder “Demo”.

8.You need to prepare the loopback connector first, make the GPIO output port connect with the input port as below.