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Avalue Customer Services

Each and every Avalue’s product is built to the most exacting specifications to ensure reliable performance in the harsh and demanding conditions typical of industrial environments. Whether your new Avalue device is destined for the laboratory or the factory floor, you can be assured that your product will provide the reliability and ease of operation for which the name Avalue has come to be known. Your satisfaction is our primary concern. Here is a guide to Avalue’s customer services. To ensure you get the full benefit of our services, please follow the instructions below carefully.

Technical Support

We want you to get the maximum performance from your products. So if you run into technical difficulties, we are here to help. For the most frequently asked questions, you can easily find answers in your product documentation. These answers are normally a lot more detailed than the ones we can give over the phone. So please consult the user’s manual first.

To receive the latest version of the user’s manual; please visit our Web site at: