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How to update BIOS

BIOS File Download Link below
EFI Shell and BIOS file(V1.50)
EFI Shell and BIOS file(V1.90)
EFI Shell and BIOS file(V2.00)
EFI Shell and BIOS file(V2.01)
EFI Shell and BIOS file(V2.02)
EFI Shell and BIOS file(V2.06)
EFI Shell and BIOS file(V2.07)
EFI Shell and BIOS file(V2.08)
EFI Shell and BIOS file(V2.09)

Please follow procedure below to reflash BIOS :

1. Please format a USB Disk in FAT32 format and decompress EFI201.rar in root directory of it.

2.Plug the USB disk into USB port of OFT-XXW01 and power on the system. Please press “F12” to get into boot manager of BIOS and then choose usb boot disk as boot device.

3. Once you get into EFI shell, please key in “fs1:” to get access of your USB disk

4.Please change the directory to “\EFI\boot“ by command below :
“cd EFI”
“cd boot”
5. If you want to flash 32bit BIOS for Windows, please run command “BCX11201i32.nsh”
6. If you want to upgrade 32bit BIOS for Windows, please run command “isflash.efi BCX11201.i32.bin -ALL”
7. If you want to flash 64bit BIOS for Android or Linux, please run command “BCX11201x64.nsh”
8. System will reboot automatically once you finish BIOS reflash.
9. Please press “F2” to get into BIOS menu. Select “Exit” ⇒ “load optimal default” ⇒ “Exit Saving Changes”