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Open Frame tablet Series product information


Please check product information from hyperlink below :
Product Information

RITY Series with i.MX6 Android Software installation guide (2015/06/11)

Android POS System
Please click hyperlink below to get detail information of RITY Series with i.MX6

SMA-IMX6 Ubuntu & Android Software installation guide (2015/05/23)

{{ :sma-imx6.jpg |{{:sma-imx6.jpg |SMA-IMX6 SMARC Module
Please check Ubuntu & Android installation guide for SMA-IMX6 below.
Build and install Ubuntu System for SMA-IMX6
Build and install Android image for SMA-IMX6

News!! Avalue Developer Center is online. (2015/5/14)

It's our pleasure to introduce you Avalue Developer Center website. From now on we will post latest development resource here, include with BSP installation guide, FAQ and other development resources. You are welcome to give us suggestion to this website. Please kindly email to dennish@avalue.com.tw if you have suggestions.