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Android OTA update process

Requested File Download Link below
All needed files

1. Please download Android image from hyperlink above.
2. Decompress it and you will find OTA image file “” in path “\2014WW46_BCX11_Intel_A44_0.0.46\flash_files\build-user\byt_t_crv2_64-user-ota-BCX11-V0.0.46”. Copy it to a USB disk in FAT32 format.
3. Power on OFT-XXW01 and get into Android. You will find “Software update” in “Settings ⇒ About tablet”. Please press “reboot into recovery mode” button to get into Android recovery mode.
4. Please select “apply update from USB” in Android system recovery menu and select OTA image file “” in USB disk.

5. System will return to Android system recovery menu once finishing the process. Please select “reboot system now” to get into Android. Please note you may need to unplug USB disk before you reboot the system.