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=====Instruction to fetch current eMMC (Windows) files to a ghost(.GHO) file=====

1. Get Win PE and Ghost32 file from below hyper link.

2. Decompress and copy contents to root directory of a USB disk in FAT32 format.

3. Plug the USB Disk in USB port of OFT-XXW01 which you want to fetch files from and press “F12” on USB Keyboard when you power on it.

4. Select USB Disk as boot device.

5. Go to d: (where your USB stick is located) and execute ghost32.exe.

6. Follow instructions below:
press OK button

Choose Local → Disk → To Image

Use default setting (Drive 1) and press OK button

Name the ghost file you like (for example: customized) and press Save button

Press High button

Press Yes button

Press OK button

Press Continue button

Ghost file creating in progress…

Press Continue button to finish ghost file creating process

=====To restore GHO file you created to OFT-XXW01=====
1. Follow instructions from this link and replace OFT_Win10.GHO file with .GHO file you created(for example: customized.GHO).