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Install Debian V8.4.0 32bit on Mediview

1. Please make sure your system BIOS is 32bit version. If not, please kindly download BIOS file with EFI shell from here and refer to this link to update BIOS.
Please note that you need to run “BCX30A32.nsh” to update BIOS.

2. Please kindly download Debian i386 DVD image from hyperlink below :

3. Use Win32 Disk Manager(link) to restore Debian DVD image on USB Disk.
4. Plug the USB Disk on USB port of Mediview and power on it. Press F12 of USB keyboard immediately to select boot device.
You should be able to find “EFI Hard Drive (xxx)” in EFI Boot Devices list. It's your USB Disk. Please select it and boot from it.
5. Install Debian GNU/Linux 8.4.0 manually.
6. Once you finish installation, please download driver package in Debian from here. Decomprss it by command below and run to install update kernel & kernel modules

#tar -xvf debian-auto.tar.bz2
#cd debian-auto

7. reboot the system and boot from new kernel (3.16.7-Debian+) and you will find WIFI/BT has been enabled. 8. Use command below to necessary packages for RFID & smart card reader

#apt-get install libhidapi-dev pcscd

9. Download RFID test tool from here.
10. Decompress it and run rfidtest in the folder to test RFID module
11. Use command below to check log message of pcscd

#pcscd -afddddd